How does RTT work? 

RTT enables us to communicate directly with the subconscious mind – which is where most issues, blocks and limiting beliefs reside. RTT therapists access the root cause of the issue, which leads to an understanding of why and when it started. This understanding is powerful. We then work together through the process of helping the person to let go of the issue for good. This empowers clients to be free and to move forward positively, creating the life that they want. 

Following the RTT session, a personal transformation audio made specifically for each person is provided. The mind learns by repetition and the recording rewires the brain to accept the new beliefs so that the change is permanent and powerful. This recording is to be listened to daily for 21 days at least and I will check in with the client during that time to ensure they’re getting support and encouragement during this transitional stage. 

Thousands of people are experiencing the transformational benefits of RTT first-hand as it continues to grow in popularity, While there is some criticism surrounding RTT, much of it is due to a lack of awareness and education about what is RTT and hypnotherapy in general. 


Many critics believe RTT therapy is nonsense. For some people, the very idea of hypnosis brings stereotypical images of people on stage quacking like a duck or doing some other crazy thing against their will. 


In reality, these stereotypes and misconceptions about hypnotherapy couldn’t be further from the truth. The benefits of hypnotherapy have been used to help treat people with issues from trauma and depression to anxiety and low self-confidence for hundreds of years. Much of the criticism surrounding RTT is due to myths, misconceptions, and concerns about the effectiveness and credibility of rapid transformational therapy. I’ve been using RTT as an add on for patients for past 12 months and it had had an amazing impact on their innate psychological wellbeing. 

  • 1. RTT is a quick fix or shortcut without rapid and permanent results 

    This misconception might be due to the belief as a society that traditional talk therapy is the only way to effectively overcome issues like anxiety, stress, depression, and relationship issues, and that it must be a long, ongoing process. While traditional talk therapy is a solution for many people, it is not the answer for everyone, every time. 

    In fact, many clients have tried traditional therapy before coming to me, because they did not get the results they needed. Some might never discover why they are feeling and behaving in the negative ways that they are and haven’t gotten any meaningful tools to help them heal and move forward in their lives. 

    Because of its ability to access the subconscious and unconscious mind, RTT therapy provides direct access to the information required to understand what is driving a behavior and/or creating the suffering. A highly skilled RTT therapist will help you get to the root cause of the behaviour or suffering, through hypnosis and making corrections at the source. The need for problem behaviours slip away and you’re able to heal and experience permanent change.  

    Hypnotherapy may sound intimidating to some, but hypnosis is simply a deep relaxation, and you will be aware and in complete control throughout the session. You will simply work with a RTT Therapist, to understand, feel, and heal the blocks which prevent you from living the life you desire.  

    Insights can come quickly, and this enables changes to be made. What can sometimes take years of traditional talk therapy to accomplish can often be accomplished in months or even weeks. 

    When considering RTT, or really any kind of emotional support, experience is key. I have 30 plus years in medicine and 25 as a psychiatrist.


    I use RTT therapy as an effective tool in combination with Brain Science and Emotional Intelligence based coaching, providing clients with the tools, techniques, and solutions they need to heal at the source.  

    With the right practitioner, RTT can produce rapid results that have a waterfall effect on every area of your life. 

  • 2. Not everyone can be hypnotized

    While we are all unique and there are no guarantees, the vast majority of people can be hypnotized. No two experiences are the same, but results can be achieved regardless. So I always check for suggestibility before any formal sessions start. 


    RTT hypnotherapy is not recommended for anyone who has been diagnosed with seizures, epilepsy, or serious mental health issues such as Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder, hallucinations, or delusions. 


    Of course, the best way to determine whether or not RTT hypnotherapy is the right treatment for you is to consult with a therapist. If you think RTT is a potential solution for you, it’s important to do thorough research to determine who is the best RTT Therapist /practitioner is for you. 


    While there are many good therapists and practitioners, finding someone who not only has experience with hypnotherapy but also training in related fields can make all the difference in your outcomes.

  • 3. It’s just a trend

    Many critics are skeptical of RTT because they think it’s just a trend or fad. While it looks like RTT hypnotherapy has become popular overnight, traditional hypnotherapy has been around for hundreds of years. Some evidence even suggests that hypnosis dates back to the beginning of recorded history. If hypnotherapy didn’t produce results, it wouldn’t have endured for such a long time. 


    In fact, the reason I became is a RTT practitioner is because I have witnessed life-changing results from RTT with patients I have treated. Patients with long standing trauma who develop so much self doubt and patient with depression and anxiety have experienced transformative benefits. I am confident that RTT can help change clients’ lives. 

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How does RTT help? 

 RTT embraces many of the positive aspects of hypnotherapy and hypnosis that are known to produce a transformative effect on clients. However RTT goes beyond, utilising what works with clients in sessions to build a new therapeutic approach. The client is involved with me in uncovering the meaning and interpretation of events and then changing them. When regressed to past events you are simply reviewing them, not reliving them, allowing you to understand their meaning in relation to your current problem. This leads to permanent powerful change because RTT enables the mind to tell the body what to do (such as heal itself, turn fear into excitement, etc). It can tell the body how to react and how to feel and it can alter and improve the messages the body sends to the mind. This utilises neuroplasticity to create new neural pathways while simultaneously removing old neural pathways leaving the client wired to change and to stay changed. Your brilliant subconscious mind is opened to positive suggestions and better able to respond.  


First you make your beliefs, then your beliefs make you. In RTT damaging attitudes and habits are examined, their origin is uncovered, and then RTT methods are used to make positive adjustments, which is the transformation. The beliefs have been created and so they can be changed! We all have the power within us to unblock negative thoughts and behaviours that adversely impact our lives.  


Who is RTT for ? 


RTT can help with a host of mental and physical issues and frees people from destructive patterns and negative habits, dissolving the blockages that are preventing you from living a healthy and happy life. RTT is for people who feel held back in their lives. It is for anyone who is ready to make positive and permanent changes.